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DogNote supports creating one-time and repeat reminders. Both are customizable. In both cases, you'll have to choose a dog and an event for which you want to have a reminder. There's also a multi-select for family members who will be notified.

Any custom events created in your family, will show up and be available for use.

There are are two options available:

  1. Prefix message - when turned on, the notification message gets automatically prefixed with the event and dog name. Turn this off if you want a fully custom message.
  2. Skip if logged - when turned on, the notification is not sent when the same event is logged for a given dog within the last 3 hours. Useful for feeding times when you don't want to get notified after already logging the feeding itself.

One-time reminders

A specific date and time have to be set for the notification.

Repeat reminders

Pick the time and weekdays when a notification is sent out. Notifications will be sent until the reminder is disabled or deleted.