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DogNote uses a family system to organize dogs into groups. Only one family can be active at one time. A user can belong to multiple families.

Currently, there are two types of roles. The user who created the family will have administrative rights and the rest will be regular members.

Only the family administrator can delete a family.

Create a family

Creating a family is simple. After logging in you'll see a Create Family button. Press that to start the family creation process. If you're already in a family, go to Settings -> Family -> Change Family and navigate back to the family selection screen.

Invite a member

Family members can invite new members in two ways. First, navigate to Settings -> Family and then you'll have two options:

  1. The person isn't using DogNote yet. Send the magic invite link to the person. This can then be used to join the family after downloading the app.
  2. The person is already a DogNote user. Search by name and you will be able to send an invite. That person will then be able to accept the invite to join the family.

Join a family

Joining a family can happen in two ways. You can either receive an invite directly if you're already a DogNote user. Otherwise, a unique invite code can also be used to join a family.

Remove a member

The family administrator has the right to remove a member. This can be done by clicking the Edit icon next to a member and then pressing Remove from family.